Beauty product labels present some unique challenges

Bath and body products, lip balm and cosmetics labels have to withstand a lot and remain, well, beautiful. The humid conditions of the bathroom or shower, the jumble of a cosmetics drawer or a purse or pocket all have to be considered.


In this highly competitive market, the quality of your beauty product is reflected in the quality of your packaging. Your beauty product label is a big part of that impression.

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Bath and Body products get wet and so do their labels
The effects of humidity or the shower spray are major considerations when it comes to labeling bath and body products. Bath and Body items need a beauty product label that will adhere, perform well and remain flawless while withstanding both storage and use environments.

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Lip balm labels have to be durable and tamper evidentsample_promo labels
The small size of the lip balm container requires higher performing materials. Clear labeling is often a good choice. And we always laminate lip balm labels to enhance their durability. In addition tamper-evident packaging and security is achieved through die-cuts and special materials.

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Cosmetics labels set product expectationsDentalWhiteStrips_sm
Cosmetics are an indulgence and carry with them the promise of enhanced beauty. So it follows that beauty product labels for cosmetics have to be more than attractive – they must be beautiful! We offer a full range of foils and specialty materials and coatings to enhance the beauty of your cosmetic product – and ensure it is desirable for consumers.

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