Special Company Lunch at Del Frisco’s

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If you happened to stop by between 11:30 am and 2:30 pm on April 20th, 2017, you were probably greeted with a “Closed for Lunch” sign on the door.  Don’t worry, you won’t find us closed during normal business hours too often. It was a well-deserved treat for all the employees as Columbine Label rewarded the entire team with a special lunch outing to the Five-Star award-winning steakhouse, Del Frisco’s!  Trading their company logo t-shirts for button-ups and polos, everybody looked sharp for the occasion.  Transportation to the restaurant was seamless, due to a well-orchestrated carpool and passenger ride assignments[…..]

Circle of Safety Award 2016

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Columbine Label Company awarded Pinnacol Assurance “Circle of Safety”! Centennial, Colorado (November 07, 2016) – Columbine Label, Colorado’s leader in label printing, honored by Pinnacol Assurance for its outstanding performance in employee safety, loss control, and financial and claims management. Pinnacols’ “Circle of Safety” is in its 9th year, and is an award given to recognize Pinnacol policyholders for outstanding performance.  Columbine Label is in its 9th year being free of employee accidents and injuries.  According to the US Department of Labor, the national private employment sector had nearly 3 million recordable cases of non-fatal injury and illness in 2015.[…..]

Visually Unique Labels

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Visual uniqueness, is key in grabbing the buyer’s attention. Visual stimulation can be achieved through many different ways, and most have to do with your products packaging.  Whether it’s a specially crafted bottle or container used for the delivery of your product to your customer, or the packaging on the outside that delivers your story and information.  The importance of conveying the passion you’ve given to creating your product is what your customers want to know, experience, and support.  This is how you set yourself apart from the competition. Grabbing their attention with visual appeal, allowing your story to be understood. Learn[…..]

Pressure Sensitive Label Materials for Craft Beer

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Why Pressure Sensitive Label Materials for Craft Beer? Pressure sensitive label materials for Craft Beer – because that’s where it’s at!  It allows for shorter runs, fast change-over, high quality graphics, vibrant colors, and variety of materials including Wood, and textured stocks.  It is also time and money saving versus other labeling options.  So what is pressure sensitive label material anyway?  Simply put; pressure sensitive material is paper or film label material that has the adhesive applied to the backing, and is applied to products using pressure.  Columbine Label Company prints and converts primarily on pressure sensitive label materials.  Watch this brief video to learn more. Is[…..]

State-Of-The-Art Digital Press Equipment

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COLUMBINE LABEL CO. INVESTS IN STATE-OF-THE-ART DIGITAL PRESS EQUIPMENT Columbine Label Company is pleased to announce that it has again expanded its label and package printing options for customers with the purchase of an HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press.  The custom label producer first entered the digital label printing market in 2010 with an HP Indigo WS4500.  This latest addition more than doubles the current capacity with increases in print speed, overall quality and significantly improved technology.

TLMI Board of Directors

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BREAKING NEWS 15 Dec 2015| Greg Jackson, President of Columbine Label Company, appointed to TLMI Board of Directors…

Excellence in the Rockies

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     By Danielle Jerschefske | 16 Nov 2015 Columbine Label has grown consistently in the last five years, earning four respected industry management excellence awards. Columbine Label Company, a small label manufacturer located in Centennial, Colorado, with annual sales around 5 million USD, reached a turning point five years ago. Greg Jackson, Columbine Label president, refers to 2010 as the ‘watershed year’ and attributes the company’s ability to definitively surpass 3 million USD in sales to the culmination of a number of factors. In early 2008, Columbine Label enlisted a marketing and branding firm to help it investigate and understand[…..]

Online Labels

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Ordering labels online can lead to unexpected surprises. Let us guide you through the process. At first glance, ordering online labels appears to be fast and convenient. However, if you are launching a new product – or a new business – ordering online labels may not be your best option. Why? Because there are a lot of variables to consider when choosing the right label for your product. By their very nature, printed product labels are custom labels. Working with a company that understands all of those variables can save you time and money in the long run. It isn’t[…..]

Label Pricing

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Make a great first impression – sell your product with the right label You’ve developed a great product, perhaps a new barbecue sauce, hot sauce, or cosmetic product. You’ve selected great packaging. Now it’s time to create a great label. Should you use a specialty, textured material? What about other specialty treatments like hot foil stamping or embossing? Do you need an extended text label to include ingredients or directions? Does your product require more than one label? And how much is all this going to cost?

High-volume pie producer has relied on Columbine Label for quality, speedy turn-time, and more for 20+ years

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Case study interview with RMP “Stop the shopping cart.” This is the motto of RMP. This high-volume bakery knows their pies must be appetizing – and the packaging and labels must be appealing – to entice consumers to stop their shopping cart and pick up their pie. In this discussion, Dave, partner at RMP, explains that labels with vibrant colors, color consistency, and color matching are vital in the bakery setting. First, the pies he produces will sit on the shelf next to cookies and cakes produced by other companies – color matching on labels is critical for the bakery’s[…..]