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Craft Beer Show

Columbine Label Company, a custom label printing business, began sponsoring the Colorado Craft Beer Show hosted by John Turk on AM 760. It’s everything anyone could ever want to know about craft beer and more including guest interviews, brewery profiles and weekly updates of the Colorado craft beer scene. The show airs live every Saturday from 12:00 pm –2:00 pm and can also be found online at Read more

What are QR Codes?

QR CodesQR (Quick Response) codes can be found in many different industries and are mostly used as an advertising and marketing tool by companies. They are scanned with phone apps which can be downloaded on any smartphone to read the information the code contains. The QR codes basically connect traditional marketing with the online world...(read more)

Unique Shaped Containers

If your packaging has a special shape (other than square or cylindrical) chances are you may need a special shape custom label or sticker so it will fit properly. Unique shaped packages are often eye catching, which is a good thing, but once you have caught your consumers’ eye, the label must be professionally sized and placed to keep their attention and to gain their trust. Allow Columbine Label to engineer a custom label with a custom fit for your product. A special shape label combined with the proper material will result in a beautiful custom labeled product. (read more)

Columbine Products

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Custom product labels manufacturers require labels that will be easy to use during the application process and perform well during use and storage conditions of the product.

Salsa Labels, Honey Labels, Barbecue Sauce Labels, Woozy Hot Sauce Bottle Labels,  Deli container Labels, Ice-cream Labels, Pie Labels, etc.

Beverage Labels - Columbine Label prints custom product labels for many beverages, each with unique purpose and functions.

Milk and Dairy Labels, Water Bottle Labels, Beer Bottle Labels, Juice Labels, Wine Labels, Coffee Labels, Keg Collars, Keg Wrappers / Belly Bands, Tap Handle Labels, etc.

Bath & Body Labels - Humid environments can be detrimental to label performance.  Bath and Body products need a label that will adhere, perform well and remain flawless while withstanding both storage and use environments.

Health & Nutrition Labels - require labels with high quality graphics and clear legible small text.

Nutraceutical Labels, Dietary Supplements, etc.

Lip Balm Label products are typically used as promotional items for giveaways at special events.  They require labels that are printed with high quality graphics, legible clear small test and must adhere completely to the products small diameter.

Tamper Evident, Chap Stick, Lip Balm, Tubes etc.

Industrial & Chemical labels - When it comes to conveying important information, your custom product labels need to be durable and adhere well.  Industrial and Chemical labels are used for a purpose - to convey necessary information like poison warnings and product use.

Automotive Labels, Oil Bottle Labels, Antifreeze Labels, Chemical Labels, etc.

Household Label products require labels that are unique in shape and design.  They must convey to certain aspects about the product like; the product is tough, strong, smells good or is environmentally friendly.

Window Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Spray Bottles, etc.

Promotional Labels are used to create branding and consumer awareness. 

Private Labeled Promotional Products, Lip Balm, Lotion, Hand Sanitizer, Sunscreen, Water Bottles, Bumper Stickers, Decals, Signage, Shelf Talkers, Window Decals, etc.

Flexible Packaging is becoming popular due to the smaller, lighter weight packaging that is required by major retailers.

Coffee Bags, Stick Packs, Single use Bath & Body Product Disposable Packs, etc. 

Variably Imprinted Labels - There are two types of Variably Imprinted Custom Product Labels, those that are printed as a template (Shell) that are second-pass printed using Thermal Transfer printers, Direct Thermal printers, Inkjet printers and Laser printers.  The second type of Variably Imprinted Label is ones that are "Personalized" or have one or more fields of variable information pre-printed on the label.

Shell Labels, Asset Id Labels, Personalized Products, Printable Product Labels, etc.

Other Miscellaneous Labels & Prototypes - The "Other" category would include label products and uses not explained above.

Security Labeling, Tire Label, Patterned Adhesive Labels, Void Material, Sticker Labels, Laser and Inkjet Labels, Prototype Boxes, Prototype Labels, Coasters, Banners, Signage, Shelf Talkers, Rubber Stamps, etc.

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