State-Of-The-Art Digital Press Equipment


Columbine Label Company is pleased to announce that it has again expanded its label and package printing options for customers with the purchase of an HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press.  The custom label producer first entered the digital label printing market in 2010 with an HP Indigo WS4500.  This latest addition more than doubles the current capacity with increases in print speed, overall quality and significantly improved technology.

Columbine Label is the only label printing company in Colorado and in the region to own the latest HP WS6800 Digital Press Technology, as well as the only Denver metro area Label Printer with traditional Flexographic Label printing capabilities and the HP Indigo Digital advantage.  The combination of traditional Flexographic label capabilities and this new higher speed HP WS6800 digital press offers expanded options for our customer base.  In addition to the shorter run digital work produced for years, it allows Columbine Label even more versatility in handling additional work not previously suitable for shorter run digital presses, competing with medium to longer Flexo runs.

“HP has been a great partner for us since entering the Digital Printing arena over five years ago.  We are already familiar with this technology, so our learning curve with this equipment will be much shorter.  Plus, having watched new entries to the market and constant technology improvements, it was clear that this “best in class” investment was still the best way to continue providing our customers with the kind of excellent quality and quick turnaround they have come to expect from us,” said Columbine Label president, Greg Jackson.  Jackson continued: “HP has really made substantial improvements including a couple of things we were really interested in upgrading.  The press is certified as CO2 neutral.  Coupled with the substantial reduction in waste generated through general operations, this really fit well with our work to become a more environmentally responsible producer.  The other biggie was the on-board color management system.  Color consistency from one production run to the next is said to be the biggest issue in printing today.  Many times, when a new customer comes to us unhappy with their current printer, it has something to do with maintaining color consistency.  This technology helps us dial in what the customer wants and keep it there from run to run.  Happy customers, better product, reduced scrap; win, win, win.”

About Columbine Label Company, Inc.

Since 1988, Columbine Label Co. has supplied high-quality labels for the food and beverage industry, as well as other consumer and industrial products, with printed quantities ranging from the hundreds to the millions of labels.  Locally owned and managed, this growth-oriented company located in metro Denver Colorado, has earned a sterling reputation with its nationwide customers thanks to its attentive customer service, award-winning management processes, continual investment in leading-edge technology, wide selection of label products, high quality printing, and on-time delivery!  Just a few of the reasons why “We make what you make, get noticed PURCHASED!

Located in SE metro Denver, this vibrant Colorado based company employs approximately 25 employees.  To learn more about Columbine Label Company, call 303.788.1504 or visit