5 Ways Denver Label Printing Can Help Your Products Sell

Label Printing Helps Products Sell, here are 5 Reasons Why:

  • First impressions are lasting ones
  • Catches consumers’ attention
  • Sets products apart
  • Brand recognition
  • More purchases


Food and beverages are items that American consumers must consume on a constant basis. With the vast number of stores and goods that consumers are offered; it is a highly competitive market as related to selling your goods and services. The first thing that a consumer notices about a food or beverage product, or any product for that matter, is the label.

Take Mr. Tom Doe for example. Mr. Tom has grown up raising tomatoes his whole life. He loves them and is highly talented at pureeing them into a wonderful ketchup mixture. Being a small business without many corporate investors, Mr. Tom markets his product with a bland, plain label. Mr. Tom’s ketchup is placed on supermarket shelves right beside Heinz® and Hunts® ketchup. Three weeks later the other brands have sold out and been restocked several times while only two bottles of Mr. Tom’s ketchup have been purchased. Sure, the other brands are probably household staples; but that may not have been the only reason that they chose those brands over Mr. Tom’s. Don’t underestimate how a wonderfully thought-out and executed brand label with high quality graphics can effectively produce brand power for a product. A product label is your product’s introduction to the world; and first impressions are lasting ones. Custom product labeling can help give your product that wonderful introduction to consumers, and make an impression sure to last.

Brand recognition is a breeding ground for brand power. Brand power is an essential and dire tool in marketing goods and services. If a woman thinks to herself, “I need to buy cereal,” and she thinks of a blue box with a cartoon tiger on it, she is more than likely thinking of Frosted Flakes® cereal. There is little difference between brand name products and their generic alternatives. Even the taste is comparable. So how is it that a consumer immediately notices the difference between Lucky Charms and the generic? He notices the leprechaun on the box label. When someone can effortlessly recognize your brand, it gives your brand power in the minds of consumers; and it forces them to notice, recognize, and consider your product amongst all the others. Another benefactor of brand recognition is that it can set your product apart from other similar products. One of the most beneficial features of label printing is that it will result in more purchases of your products. A product that is more attractive and has the brand power of brand recognition is bound to sell more; and this is especially good for small businesses hoping to expand. This is where Mr. Tom went wrong. Had he invested in custom label printing, his ketchup could’ve given the world of consumers the introduction they deserved, and may have had the potential to gain enough brand recognition to sell many products.

Columbine Label Company is a Denver Label Printing company that serves companies large and small throughout Colorado and the U.S. Their services range from digital capabilities for cost effective smaller quantities or numerous copies; to runs into the millions of labels that are timely and consistent. In addition to printing services, Columbine also offers packaging and design consultations to create custom labels for your product.