The diversity in our printing process allows us to be most efficient in the way we produce labels.


Digital printing offers economical options with consistent, high-quality color matching.

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Our Flexographic printing process may be a great option to print your label.

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Hot Foil Stamped

How do you catch the consumer’s eye? Our new hot foil stamped labels are eye-catching – and created with a money-saving process.

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Embossing adds elegance and sophistication to your label – and to your product.

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Extended Text

With our full range of extended text labels, you can provide all the information your customers need – plus all required data.

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You only have seconds to convert a browser to a buyer – make the sale with a perfect prime label.

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Coated or Laminated

Keep your label pristine with coated or laminated labels.

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When durability is key, polyester labels may be the answer.

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With a full range of specialty shapes, applications and materials, we can help you create a label that will “wow” your buyers!

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Whether you are seeking an instantly redeemable coupon or a take-away coupon, Columbine Label Co. has the experience to design a custom solution for you.

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If moisture is a concern, waterproof labels withstand condensation.

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Our Capabilities and Services

Most short run jobs print digitally, while longer runs typically run most efficient on our Flexographic presses.  Although this explanation makes it sound extremely black and white, there are exceptions to this rule.  This is just one way our team looks out for our customers; engineering your order to run in the most efficient way possible, saving you money and reducing the impact on the environment.

Columbine Label caters to my needs as a small entrepreneur, as well as providing orders for large companies with bigger needs, with the same respect and diligence. Overall, working with them has been a joy. I have not had any issues, concerns, or questions. Columbine Label immediately jumped in, solved the problems, and came up with solutions. It was an immediate response that made me feel like I was important to their business.


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