Embossed Labels

Embossing adds elegance and sophistication to your label – and to your product

Why use an embossed label? Embossing adds texture and dimension to a specific element on your product’s label by raising the lettering or graphic image. You can emboss any design or words on your label to make it stand out, perhaps your logo or product name. Embossing provides a richness that enhances the look of your product’s label – and the tactile feel of your label.

The wine and cosmetics industries often use embossing to set their products apart.

Whether they admit it or not, many wine drinkers purchase wine based on the label. An elegant, embossed custom wine label will garner attention, set your wine apart and just might make the sale.

And what about health and beauty products that hold the promise of enhanced beauty? What better way to stand out and reinforce that promise of beauty than with an embossed label on your health and beauty product?

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Foil Stamped Labels & Embossed Labels

But regardless of your industry, embossing might be a creative way to up-level your label from attractive to stand out. Embossing can also be paired with hot foil stamping to make your label really pop!

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