Extended Text Labels

With our full range of extended text labels, you can provide all the information your customers need – plus all required data

Extended text labels are the perfect solution for products with smaller packaging as well as products that must provide government-mandated information. You can overcome space constraints with multi-layer labels. Consumers can peel back the main label to read product ingredients and government mandated drug facts. Or include something fun, like a recipe!

Extended text labels are perfect for a product like lip balm.

Manufacturers are required to list drug facts on the label, [but lip balm labels are tiny! To solve this issue, we create a large label that overwraps itself. Consumers can peel the top layer of the extended text label to read information underneath. Then, because we use a special adhesive, the label can be repositioned and re-adhered. Problem solved. The consumer can read important information while keeping the label (and your brand) intact!

Large or small run, our printing services will meet your specific needs!

Extended Text Labels

Whether you need extended text labels from Columbine Label Company – or another of our many label options – you can count on an expert, helpful, responsive and personal customer experience. It’s what makes Columbine Label different!

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