Polyester Labels

When durability is key, polyester labels may be the answer

Polyester labels are made from highly durable film material. When combined with the proper adhesive and coating, polyester is even more durable. If your product is exposed to extreme conditions, a polyester label may be the right choice for you.

A primer on polyester labels:

  • Withstand applications that require the label to be exposed to high heat conditions
  • Service temperature ranges down to -40 C
  • Suitable for demanding indoor and outdoor applications
  • Features excellent tear strength
  • Resistant to UV sunlight
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Can be printed with both Flexographic and Digital printing technologies

Since polyester labels offer significant durability, we strongly recommend them for the following applications: asset tags, ID tags, drum labels, warning labels and lab labels

Large or small run, our printing services will meet your specific needs!

Polyester Labels

Which type of label is best for your product?

The durability afforded by polyester labels does come at a higher price than some other options. If another, more economical option makes sense for your product, we will recommend it. This is just one reason why we have so many repeat customers – they appreciate our customer service, experience, expertise, color matching, and more.

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