Specialty Labels

With a full range of specialty shapes, applications and materials, we can help you create a label that will “wow” your buyers!

In the label business, one size does not fit all! That’s why at Columbine Label, we offer nearly endless possibilities for specialty labels and custom labels. Tell us what you want, and we’ll help you create a specialty or custom label tailor made for your product.

Here are just a few of the specialty and custom label services we offer…

Perhaps the ideal label for your product requires an extended text label, ideal for products in small containers. These labels enable consumers to peel back the label to expose ingredients, directions or a recipe. The label can then be re-adhered so your product name is always front and center, and a multi-use product has instruction still intact.

Are you celebrating an anniversary, introducing a new product or just want an amazing high-end label? If so, we might suggest a hot foil stamped label. This process enables us to achieve incredible looks not possible in normal printing processes. You can choose to highlight a logo, product name or tagline using:

  • A wide range of metallic shades
  • Iridescent shades
  • Clear holographic pearl or tint shade

Is your product a premium wine or high-end beauty product? You can enhance its presence on the shelf with an embossed label. Embossing adds dimension and elegance to any label.

We have a number of customers in the specialty food industry that needs labels for hot sauce, barbeque sauce, honey or salsa. Often, the packaging for these items is uniquely shaped, which means the label must be created specifically for that bottle or container. Other customers also require both a label and a neck band. To meet their specialized label requirements, we often recommend the product container be supplied to ensure a proper fit label.

Large or small run, our printing services will meet your specific needs!

Once you’ve finalized your label design, we’ll recommend the most cost effective way to print it.

Specialty and Custom Product Labels

For specialty labels and custom labels, we match the printing process to your needs. We offer both digital label printing and Flexographic label printing. The right process for your labels depends on your materials, turnaround time, quantity and budget.

Look to us for specialty and custom labels that fit your product to a “T” – and “wow” your buyers! Our experienced estimators will guide you and provide expert, helpful responsive customer support.


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