Custom Label Adhesives: Basic Classifications and Main Pros/Cons

After finishing the detailed process of designing a products packaging and custom label, some businesses may tend to rush the last steps to printing. However, there are a lot of important considerations to make sure you’re choosing the label features that will work best for your product. One of these main considerations is the adhesive,

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Label Tip #1 Removable Adhesives

Removable Adhesives

What is removable anyway? Ask this question to a label buyer 10 times, you get 11 different answers. Removable is a subjective term with its meaning usually clear to the person wanting remove-ability, but maybe not so clear to the rest of us. When requesting remove-ability for a label,

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Label Tip #3 Label Performance & Temperature

Label Performance & Temperature

Several months ago, we discussed removable adhesives. This month, we’ll cover a bit about how label performance & temperature affects your application process.

Most base material manufacturers use two specifications around temperature performance measures. Those are Minimum Application Temperature (MAT) and Service Temperature Range.

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Label Tip #4 Adhesive Removal Tips

Does it ALWAYS have to be a STICKY situation?
Myths, Urban Legends, and old wives-tales about removing adhesives.

Most manufacturers and product distributors these days seem pretty astute about using label products and adhesives that remove from the products they are supposed to remove from. But every now and then you get one that just doesn’t want to come off cleanly.

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