Pressure Sensitive Label Materials for Craft Beer

Why Pressure Sensitive Label Materials for Craft Beer?

Pressure sensitive label materials for Craft Beer – because that’s where it’s at!  It allows for shorter runs, fast change-over, high quality graphics, vibrant colors, and variety of materials including Wood, and textured stocks.  It is also time and money saving versus other labeling options.  

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Check Out Our New Metallic Label Look!

A Metallic Label can generate great attention!

Not everybody can print a great looking metallic label. Hot-Foil-Stamping and Cold-Foil-Stamping can be costly and metallic inks just aren’t very “metallic”. At Columbine Label, we have figured out a way to create a vibrant metallic looking label that looks great AND is cost effective.

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Did You Know???

Do I Need a Special Type of Label Material and Adhesive?

Room environment and product packaging conditions are two major influences on the type of label material and adhesive needed for your product. Here are few questions to ask yourself when placing an order:

  • Is your product labeled before or after the filling process?

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Custom Labels – An Effective Way to Improve Products’ Presence

Importance of custom labels for your business:

Are you planning to expand your business? Have you ever thought about growing your company brand and reaching the mass audiences through your products? If you are looking to personalize your products and want to make a big impact in your industry then custom labels can help you achieve your goals easily.

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How to Choose the Right Face Material for Your Custom Product Labels

Even your best product won’t be successful if it doesn’t stand out from the crowd. The quality of your product is self-evident- but will your potential customers agree when they see it nestled among your competitor’s offerings? A custom and professionally printed label is a great tool to get your product noticed and differentiate it from the crowd.

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Label Tip #3 Label Performance & Temperature

Label Performance & Temperature

Several months ago, we discussed removable adhesives. This month, we’ll cover a bit about how label performance & temperature affects your application process.

Most base material manufacturers use two specifications around temperature performance measures. Those are Minimum Application Temperature (MAT) and Service Temperature Range.

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