Label Pricing

Make a great first impression – sell your product with the right label

You’ve developed a great product, perhaps a new barbecue sauce, hot sauce, or cosmetic product. You’ve selected great packaging. Now it’s time to create a great label. Should you use a specialty, textured material? What about other specialty treatments like hot foil stamping or embossing?

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Did You Know???

Do I Need a Special Type of Label Material and Adhesive?

Room environment and product packaging conditions are two major influences on the type of label material and adhesive needed for your product. Here are few questions to ask yourself when placing an order:

  • Is your product labeled before or after the filling process?

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Label Tip #12 Getting to Yes

Value of Custom Labels
Don’t become a label of the past. Evolve with Columbine Label Company.

The question that seems to keep many business owners awake at night often boils down to one ominous question:

“How do you get a yes in a world full of no’s?

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Label Tip #8 The Meaning of Value


Price versus value

This recent holiday season, I was, for the first time in recent memory, ahead in my Christmas shopping and package mailing. Woo-hoo!! Maybe the planets were aligned, or my horoscope mentioned I would be extra organized this year, but more likely it was that retailers,

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