Custom Labels Give Your Products a Distinctive Identity

Customers shopping for products might not realize it, but, labels will be a deciding factor of either buying something or shelving it.

That’s why your business already uses custom printed labels for a unique, eye-catching, and distinctive identity that customers easily recognize.

The first steps when considering custom printed labels

What are some things that make the best label? What will really catch someone’s eye while also defining your business? Here are some things to consider:

  • Color matching with pleasing tones should always be a top priority. Brands like Coca-Cola, Lays, and Ritz all have a distinct color combination which can be easily recognized.
  • Design layout–less is more in this case. Less words and a perfectly crafted layout will bring in a customer, so remember to choose the best wording and layout of your design.

Quality. Yes, even a label needs to be considered on quality.
Of course, there are many other things to take into consideration which are a bit more technical: what kind of adhesive will be best for your label? What kind of material should you use? How much is this all going to cost?

A company that provides only the best

Columbine Label offers all that and more with their extensive technical knowledge of label products and wide variety of choices for professionals (and even for personal occasions). You could say Columbine Label has quality which really sticks with their clients.

What can you find at Columbine Label?

  • Waterproof and sturdy labels
  • Packaging design
  • Bar code labels
  • Custom printed labels
  • Pressure sensitive labels
  • Digital printed labels
  • Various choices of adhesives, materials and liners

These custom labels will withstand the wear and tear of shipping and customer handling and everything in-between. Also, Columbine Label offers an in-house graphics department to implement top notch design.

Design and implementation is crucial for labels; therefore, each customer is taken care of individually to make sure only the best will be created and produced.

Why Columbine Label?

A hastily made label can push away potential customers and even turn off loyal ones from the company, which is why Columbine Label uses up-to-date software to aid in the process. Not only that, but, Columbine Label offers clients both Flexographic and Digital printing, expanding options tenfold.

Columbine Label has been in business since 1988, and maintain even during a tough economy, while providing for Colorado and the rest of the United States.

Their employees understand the needs of businesses trying to sell products in diverse industries–in fact, they specialize in it. They take pride in producing custom printed labels that are necessary for your custom product.

ColoradoBiz Magazine recently recognized Columbine Label on the Top 250 Private Companies list, and, according to the company’s president, Greg Jackson, they have seen a 27 percent increase in revenue in 2010.

Like the motto says: “We make what you make get purchased, not just noticed!”

Send in a quote request today!

Whether you need a small run or large run, Columbine Label can suit your needs and your vision. Request a quote today and get more of YOUR product purchased!