Did You Know???

Do I Need a Special Type of Label Material and Adhesive?

Room environment and product packaging conditions are two major influences on the type of label material and adhesive needed for your product. Here are few questions to ask yourself when placing an order:

  • Is your product labeled before or after the filling process?
  • Is the packaging dry and free of contaminants, or do you deal with slight condensation?
  • What is the temperature of the product when you apply the label?
  • After application, is there an extreme temperature difference (i.e. freezer, oven…)?
  • Are you applying your label in a temperature controlled environment?
  • Does it make a difference if the container is made of glass, plastic or other type of material?

At Columbine Label, we can analyze your label requirements to make sure you are using the right materials. That’s why we ask you lots of questions up front. It’s possible you’ve never had to answer these questions before…It’s just one more thing that separates a great label company from the rest.

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