Digital Printing Is the New Black: When Can It Benefit You Most?

When it comes to custom label printing, digital printing is quickly becoming the new standard for many applications. Technology in the digital arena seems to be blazing forward with lightning speed. So why is everyone talking about digital when flexo printing has been the stand-by for decades?

When we think of digital printing, we may tend to think about quality like a home office printer and wonder if the product will be a suitable representation for your product. Like any technology, digital presses come in many shapes, sizes and calibers to be sure.

From digital photo printers ranging all the way to the new state of the art HP Indigo digital press, different presses are configured and priced for various production standards.
Do you need a special die shape? Are four color processes suitable for your requirements? Or do you need to duplicate – now and later – brand colors that may not be achievable with simple four-color process? Not all digital is created equally – nor is the outcome – just because its “digital.”

How can we explain the excitement about having the option of high end digital printing in addition to flexo printing? Digital printing offers high resolution 4 to 6 (and even 7) color process, quick turnaround and great quality without the excessive set up time or lengthy press changes required for multiple copies.

Digital printing can be a cost-effective resource for many applications. Some instances where digital could benefit you:

  • Short runs
  • Multiple copies
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Less expensive custom dies
  • Eye popping color
  • High resolution images

Regardless of whether you own a small startup or large established company, there is most likely a digital application that would benefit your company.

Some great digital conversions might include:

  • Food product Labels
  • Private labeling
  • Beverage Labels
  • Seasonal Labels
  • Medical/Dental Labels
  • Photo Image labels
  • Beauty Product Labels
  • Marketing and price point Labels

Digital is not a replacement for flexo printing, but isn’t it great to know that there are options? Columbine Label professionals know how to weigh those options so that the result is exactly what you need.

What digital can do beautifully is capture images and landscapes, intricate designs and shorter runs with the ability to handle more frequent, shorter bursts without excessive set up time. Digital can be of assistance in helping you introduce a new product, marketing or version of artwork without a high investment in plates.

With so many options, digital is quickly becoming the new basic black of the custom label industry.