How to Choose the Best Custom Label Provider for Your Business

There are many variables in custom label printing, because… well, every job is custom. Maybe you are a startup company and need good pricing on a small quantity and need consistency with small runs that only happen on an as needed basis. Maybe you are a corporation who distributes millions of labels to franchises or retail operations. Both types of companies and every business model in between will have a different set of label needs.

Not only are your labels custom, your needs are custom as well. We get that. It really is all about you.

Choosing the Best Custom Label Provider for your Business

  • Is your label company providing expert advice regarding best practices and new technology for achieving your desired result?
  • Can your label company produce both small runs and mass quantity?
  • Are you able to ask for recommendations on material types and product testing prior to ordering?
  • Do you feel comfortable that the company is financially solid and will be available to serve you in the future? Does their facility reflect your expectations?
  • What about overall value proposition, including price, quality, timing, delivery and customer service?
  • Would you feel comfortable referring your label company to others?

Often product labels are the “make or break” factor for start-up companies, and can be the bread and butter for branding, creating top of mind awareness and recognition for your audience. Labels are the first and often only form of communication you have with your customer. As with most competing products on the market today, many conditions come into the decision-making process for consumers. Factors such as effectiveness, taste, quality and overall value often override price.

Next time you are running errands, look at all the choices you have as a consumer. What determines the purchases that you make for your family? Would you rather have the pasta sauce that tastes like Mom’s, or the sauce that is on sale but that no one will eat? Most people will vote for the sauce that tastes like Moms even if it is a little more expensive because as my Mom used to say, “A sale is no sale if it ends up in the trash.”

We know that your time is valuable. Not only do labels need to look good and convey your unique message, they need to stick when they are supposed to stick, have the right material for the application and exposure and be a good overall value, leaving you more time to concentrate on what you do best- growing your business.

  • Is your label company making it easier to achieve your branding and sales goals?
  • How do you know that you are getting the best value for your money?
  • How does new technology affect your labeling options?
  • What makes the most sense for your individual situation?
  • Does your label company deliver consistent product and stay on top of industry trends?

Sometimes, the answer lies in the question. Call us with any of your specific questions or to request a custom label quote and we will ask you the right questions to figure out the best solution for you.