Label Pricing

Make a great first impression – sell your product with the right label

You’ve developed a great product, perhaps a new barbecue sauce, hot sauce, or cosmetic product. You’ve selected great packaging. Now it’s time to create a great label. Should you use a specialty, textured material? What about other specialty treatments like hot foil stamping or embossing? Do you need an extended text label to include ingredients or directions? Does your product require more than one label? And how much is all this going to cost?

We know selecting your label can be overwhelming.

Rather than be overwhelmed, we invite you to call us! Our estimators have worked with countless new products and can answer all your labeling questions. And of course, our quotes are free.

We hope you’ll call us, but even if you don’t, the following list is designed to help you ask the right questions, get accurate label pricing and find the right printing company for your product.

•  What are the steps to get label prices?
•  How long does the process take?
•  What’s involved to proof and finalize artwork?
•  How do I choose label materials and adhesives? There are so many choices!
•  What if I’m not sure about my quantity?

When you call, our Columbine Label estimator will guide the process.

We ask a lot of questions which lets us get it right up front rather than be disappointed/annoyed with a low price that is bait and switched to the correct product after the process is well underway (ask us how we know this happens). Our estimators know just what questions to ask you. Based on your input, they’ll provide accurate label pricing based on your product label’s application, size, colors, and other specifications. Here are some things you’ll be asked about.

•  What is the size and shape of your label?
•  How many colors are on the label?
•  How many do you need?
•  What surface will the label be applied on?
•  Are there special circumstances, for example, will your product be refrigerated or frozen? (The application temperature may require a special adhesive.)

Here are 3 ways to get started now:

1. Contact us
2. Complete the box at right to get free tip sheets
3. Complete our Request a Quote form. And check the box to get free samples. And for just $25, you can get an actual digital press sample, not just a proof of your label