Label Tip #12 Getting to Yes

Value of Custom Labels

Don’t become a label of the past. Evolve with Columbine Label Company.

The question that seems to keep many business owners awake at night often boils down to one ominous question:

“How do you get a yes in a world full of no’s?

In the sea of consumer products, it is tough to get yours to stand out. How do you get a label that screams “pick me!” in the vast number of choices that consumers are offered, in both online and retail operations?

While price is sometimes a consideration, more often than not, the decision to buy or not to buy is an emotional one.

As an example, think about bottled water. Prices range by 200% or more, so what makes a consumer gravitate toward a $3 bottle when there is a bottle for $.69 on the shelf next to it? Sometimes, it’s not much more than the message that has been communicated, often on the spot via the label, to the consumer. The perception could be that it is new, fresh, hip, eco/green, clean, prestigious, fashionable, or just plain cool looking. Each label has been created specifically for its audience, and sometimes, has created a new audience using subliminal marketing strategies.

Recently, I saw a bottle of wine that had upgraded its label. I saw the old label and the new label side by side, and I must say I would consider buying the wine with the new label because it made the wine “feel” more expensive. I never considered purchasing the wine before, as I thought it looked like a boring brand with no compelling reason to purchase it, but now…maybe.
Your label ultimately delivers your branding message to consumers. Although as a label company we are not in the business of marketing, we are in the business of getting your product noticed and purchased.

At some point during your creative process, think about the subliminal message or emotional feeling you want to convey to consumers. Size up the competition (think big!) and decide based on your target market if you want to reach those same consumers or target a new audience altogether.


Color and design are important factors that must instantly convey the feeling of the product to get the label read by the consumer. The microsecond it takes to make this impression is often the only chance you must get to a “yes”. Think about adjectives that you would use to pinpoint the originality of your product. For example, is your marinade organic, kicky, downright hot, sweet, gluten free, does it have a southern twist or Caribbean flair? Why would a consumer purchase it before the other many choices?

Shape and Finish

Depending on your container, product visibility, application and end consumer, there are many choices that are appealing for various reasons. An oval label in gold foil might be perfect for chocolate candy, but not so great for motor oil. Glossy finish delivers impact and pops color, while matte finish softens the look of a label. Keep your end user in mind.


Ultimately, your label is your business card, and needs to deliver a consistent message. That message should be the same message that you would deliver if you were able to greet every customer with your unique 30 second product pitch. Once you find what works for your product, the message must be consistent.

Creating a great label and getting your product purchased repeatedly takes time and thought. We love to hear our client’s success stories. Many of the customers we have served over the past 20 years started out as small companies and have grown by leaps and bounds, even during these lean times, and we are proud to be a part of that process. We know that getting to yes is not easy, and we want to do everything in our power to help you deliver your product into the hands of consumers.

We look forward to helping you create more “yeses” this year.