Label Tip #5 Strategic Alliance

Preparing your new food product for commercial sale or: This little piggy went to market?

So you think your product is good enough to take to market? Is it a tradition honored family Bar-B-Q Sauce? A zesty salsa that is just as good on scrambled eggs as it is with chips? Perhaps it’s Grandma’s secret spice blend and rub? Whatever it is, yours friends, family, and neighbors all tell you how much they love it, and now expect it from you for the holidays and birthdays. So what is the next step?
As with any new venture, there are numerous items to consider before you take your product to market. Among those to do’s would be do you have the right equipment to adequately prepare/blend/cook/store your product? Will you need to invest in a separate kitchen or additional equipment to scale to your business needs? Most local governments restrict at-home commercial food production, so be certain to research local zoning laws and contact your local Public Health Department. Here’s one place to get started in Colorado

Now that you’ve done your homework and have decided to move forward, you have probably discovered that you will need to manufacture your product in a commercially approved kitchen. One economic and efficient option to consider is renting space in a commercial commissary kitchen. In Colorado alone, there are nearly a dozen fully equipped and licensed kitchens that can meet your production needs. Some go beyond and offer additional services for packaging/bottling, nutritional labeling, and 24/7 accessibility to name a few.

One such commissary is Kitchen Network located at 4986 Morrison Road in Denver, Colorado at the Morrison Road Complex. Owners Dennis and Elaine McFerrin offer a multitude of services for fledgling and established clients alike in their 3,000 square foot kitchen. Kitchen Networks is a unique facility designed specifically for caterers, vendors, personal chefs and food manufactures. Dennis and Elaine also lend their many years experience to help, especially in the licensing and compliance issues, and even some direction in marketing your product. They have professionally trained chefs and staff on board to assist you with nutritionals, expansion of recipes, branding, logo design, and even bottling. Their motto is: “If you succeed, we succeed!”

As with any new endeavor, your available options are as plentiful as they may be confusing. The more involved you become, the more you will find there is to do. The convenience of a “one-stop-shop” such as Kitchen Network can facilitate this process allowing you more time to grow and develop a successful company. For additional information, call 303-922-0222, email, or visit their website.

Standard Disclaimer: Columbine Label has no interest financially or otherwise in Kitchen Networks. We have simply chosen to highlight them as an example of a commercial kitchen, that we and a number of our customers have had good and referable experience.

Of course we do have a vested interest in this process; helping make sure your new venture gets its due attention. Don’t forget about the label and shelf appeal! Make sure your product is properly labeled and will stand out in the crowd. The public consumes food products just as much with their eyes as they do with their mouth – if they don’t like the looks of it enough to pick it off the shelf, they may never get the chance to know what they’re missing. Make Grandma proud of her secret recipe – get noticed AND purchased!