Pressure Sensitive Label Materials for Craft Beer

Why Pressure Sensitive Label Materials for Craft Beer?

Pressure sensitive label materials for Craft Beer – because that’s where it’s at!  It allows for shorter runs, fast change-over, high quality graphics, vibrant colors, and variety of materials including Wood, and textured stocks.  It is also time and money saving versus other labeling options.  So, what is pressure sensitive label material anyway?  Simply put; pressure sensitive material is paper or film label material that has the adhesive applied to the backing, and is applied to products using pressure.  Columbine Label Company prints and converts primarily on pressure sensitive label materials.  Watch this brief video to learn more:

Is there a pressure sensitive material that is right for your Craft Beer?

If you aren’t sure, pick up the phone and call us. It could save you time, money and result in choosing the best label material for your Craft Beer. How’s that for convenience?  Let us help manage your project we will get it right.  Sometimes it’s better to rely on somebody who does this every day.  You make a great product; don’t overlook your “silent salesman”.

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