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Three key benefits add up to a “set deal”

Case study interview with Septodont.

For Septodont, three key benefits add up to a “set deal”; Quick turnaround. Attractive prices. And Johnny-on-the-spot responsiveness driven by a team-effort Label Product Branding philosophy. These are three top reasons why Septodont, a dental-products manufacturing and distribution company, appreciates its decades-long relationship with Columbine Label.

“If there’s an issue, together, we look at the root cause and fix it. We haven’t had an issue yet that is not fixable. I wish all my vendors were this easy,” says Cindy, Logistics Assistant at Septodont. In addition, Cindy points out that Septodont’s internal quality control team checks labels to ensure colors exactly meet brand guidelines. The result? “The colors are always spot-on,” notes Cindy.

Read on to learn how Septodont and Columbine Label’s team-effort approach ensures quick delivery of thousands of high-quality labels.

A 20-year relationship – and counting!

Columbine Label: Why did Septodont choose Columbine Label Company?

Cindy: Columbine Label was a vendor here even before I started, over five years ago. I think we’ve worked with Columbine a good 20 years – a long time!

CL: What does Columbine Label provide to you, in terms of service and quality?

Cindy: They are so quick on turnaround. And if there’s an issue, they’re Johnny-on-the-spot to fix it. And their prices are really outstanding. So, based on those three things, it’s pretty much a set deal.

CL: Let’s talk about each point: turnaround time, resolving issues, and pricing. What’s your typical turn- time?

Cindy: Usually we require about 10 days to two weeks for turnaround, and Columbine Label almost always makes that happen. The nice thing is, if I have a rush order, I can get it in 24 hours. Their digital printing capability has really sped up the process.

If there’s an issue: “Let’s work together, figure it out, and fix it.”

CL: Clearly, with 20 years of working together, an issue is going to crop up. What happens when there’s an issue?

Cindy: Columbine Label really works hard, so we can get to the root of any problems. Together, we look at the root cause and fix it. We haven’t had an issue yet that is not fixable. I wish all my vendors were this easy.

Large or small run, our printing services will meet your specific needs!

CL: As the two companies work together to determine the issue and fix it, do you focus on streamlining processes or enhancing communication? What are looking at in order to make sure an issue doesn’t happen again?

Cindy: When I first started here, we were faxing information back-and-forth, so just going to email has sped up the process. If we do have an issue, we will get to the root cause of it. Sometimes we discover it’s something on our end, like using the wrong kind of ribbon for our printers that add the coded expiration dates – or we may need to use a different type of label material.

CL: So if there’s an issue, the approach is, “Let’s work together, figure it out, and fix it.” It sounds like there’s a strong sense of teaming with the two companies: Septodont and Columbine Label Company.

Cindy: Absolutely.

Printing 3,000 different labels – with quantities small and large.

CL: Cindy, how many different labels does Septodont require?

Cindy: Easily 2,000 or 3,000 different labels. We have multiple products with different label requirements in terms of size, label material, and so forth.

CL: Do you tend to print larger quantities of individual labels?

Cindy: It depends on our customer. Some customers require a small run, say 500 to 1,000. For some of our labels, the quantity might be tens of thousands.

CL: You need thousands of different labels, some with very large quantities. You have a lot of plates spinning. It makes me circle back to the fact that no one’s perfect and sometimes things go awry. The fact that you’re so happy with Columbine Label when you have so many different label needs says a lot.

Cindy: It does. Absolutely. They’re so easy to work with.

Columbine’s competitive pricing holds up to scrutiny.

CL: Cindy, you mentioned pricing. Have you found that the pricing continues to be outstanding over the years?

Cindy: Columbine’s pricing has not really gone up at all for multiple years since I’ve been here, which is amazing in this day in age. We’ve looked at other prices, to compare, and Columbine Label is probably one of the best-priced companies out there.

CL: From the standpoint of wanting to ensure your company is getting the most bang for your buck, it makes sense to keep tabs on the label industry’s pricing. So, I’m tickled to hear you’re finding that Columbine Label’s pricing has remained competitive over the years.

Cindy: Oh yes, absolutely

Septodont’s internal QC team checks label colors, which are “always spot-on.”

CL: Cindy, on another note, is color matching and color consistency important for your labels?

Cindy: Absolutely. We have customers who require a very specific color, so we can’t vary from it. Once we receive labels from Columbine Label, they go through our quality control process. If there is any color variance at all, we would make note of that and send it back. But there just aren’t any color-matching issues! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen any color problems since I’ve been here. The colors are always spot-on.

CL: Cindy, you mentioned that Septodont uses labels that need to be printed with coded expiration dates. Do you have other kinds of label needs in terms of die cut or film-versus-paper material?

Cindy: Our labels are not very complex. But since we work with medical and pharmaceutical products, the labels always have to be consistent. Plus, some of our dies tend to be funky sizes, and trying to get the exact size label – so it fits on the package properly – takes a lot of work. It’s a team effort.

CL: Cindy, is there anything else you’d like to add?

Cindy: Just that I would highly recommend Columbine Label to anyone looking for a label company.

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