Food Packaging Case Study

Challenged with ill-fitting labels, The Parker Group needed guidance to get the quality labels they wanted

Case study interview with The Parker Group, creator of HotRod-BBQ Sauces and Rubs

What is the difference between a contour label and a flat label? How do you avoid wrinkles when applying labels? How do you get vibrant colors with mouth-watering images, every time?

When it comes to food and beverage labels, there’s so much to know! A new contender in the burgeoning barbeque sauce industry, Rick – creator of HotRod-BBQ Sauces and Rubs – struggled through a label learning curve when launching his products.

Frustrated with poor-quality, ill-fitting labels from an Internet-based printing company, Rick turned to Columbine Label Company. The results? Professional-quality labels at a better price! If you create a product in the food or beverage industry, read on to get answers to your questions.

The Parker Group’s label learning curve.

Columbine Label: Rick, how many sauces does The Parker Group produce? Do you sell your products nationally?

Rick: We have three sauces and one rub. We sell them on the Internet, at trade shows, and at different events. Our products are being enjoyed all over the country.

CL: How long have you been in business?

Rick: We just launched last November and are already having great success as a part-time business.

CL: Rick, what was the learning curve you went through in terms of the labeling process for your sauces?

Rick: That’s actually a value that Columbine Label Company brought to me. Originally, we didn’t know about Columbine. I had gone online, trying to do everything myself. I had bought labels from an Internet company, but the labels just didn’t have the right look. They also were not made for a contour bottle. I had no background to know that there is a contour label versus a flat label. Consequently, I wasn’t even purchasing the correct labels. When I got those labels, and put them on the bottles, they had wrinkles. They just didn’t look as good and as professional as we wanted. We stumbled on Columbine Label and showed them our problem. Not only did Columbine have the right solution to fix the problem, they were also much less expensive.

CL: Columbine Label was less expensive than the Internet company?

Rick: Columbine was a much better price. And they provided a label that actually worked on a contour bottle. The service has been wonderful. I don’t have anything negative to say about Columbine – all positive.

CL: When you launched your business, part of your learning curve was understanding the challenge of what you needed to label a contour bottle, then getting the expertise to help work through those issues.

Rick: Absolutely.

Large or small run, our printing services will meet your specific needs!

CL: How many labels do you have total? Does Columbine Label provide them to you individually or as sets?

Rick: I have a front label, back label, and a neck band on each bottle. So, we have three separate labels that go on each bottle of sauce – about a dozen different labels total. The labels come on a roll: front, back, band. So, it’s very convenient to apply the labels to a bottle.

Glossy, vinyl labels: “The colors really pop.”

CL: Rick, in the food industry, color consistency and bright colors are important. For example, a dull-colored label could look out-of-date and could affect the purchase. What are your thoughts about color consistency or brightness of colors in terms of what Columbine Label delivers for you?

Rick: This is also something Columbine did for me in this venture. The label I initially brought to them was a flat, dull label. The new vinyl label that Columbine came up with has a contour fit. It’s also a glossy, high-energy looking label that really snaps. The colors really pop out on the vinyl.

CL: And that’s important for the consumer. I’ve been to the National Fiery Foods & Barbeque Show in Albuquerque, and I know they have booth after booth of different kinds of hot sauces, barbecue sauces, and rubs. So, having a product that really pops is going to help entice the consumer to select that product.

Rick: Yes, absolutely.

Teaming with Columbine Label is a “painless process … a joy.”

CL: In working together, have you encountered any issues where you and Columbine Label have had to overcome any challenges?

Rick: No. Columbine provided the proofs. I went through them, and I made a couple of minor changes. After approval, they printed the labels. It’s a very easy, painless process.

CL: Rick, you said you were just getting your business off the ground. I assume your quantity of labels you need is fairly small at this time. It sounds like Columbine Label is happy to work with companies that have small-quantity label needs. Is that true?

Rick: Yes. I think that Columbine Label caters to my needs as a small entrepreneur, as well as providing orders for large companies with bigger needs, with the same respect and diligence.

CL: Anything else you would like to add about working with Columbine Label Company?

Rick: Overall, working with them has been a joy. I have not had any issues, concerns, or questions. Columbine Label immediately jumped in, solved the problems, and came up with solutions. It was an immediate response that made me feel like I was important to their business.

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