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Read how quality labels and “awesome” service won over health-and-beauty product fulfillment center

Case study interview with EyeFive Company

Delivering on your promises. It’s a simple, straightforward approach to business. When Columbine Label Company approached EyeFive Company, the health-and-beauty product fulfillment center wasn’t shopping for a new label vendor. “We gave them a chance, and in a short amount of time, Columbine won 100% of our business,” says EyeFive’s Gil. “We’re happy to have found such a great partner. Columbine Label continues to deliver in quality, pricing, and customer service,” he notes. “It’s refreshing to work with a company that delivers on its promises.”

Read on to learn about EyeFive’s label demands when it comes to delivery, color, quality, selection, and more.

“Columbine Label won us over.”

Columbine Label: Gil, what does your company do?

Gil: We are a fulfillment center for health and beauty products. We work with direct-response marketers, and we warehouse and ship products directly to their customers. We actually just celebrated our 14-year anniversary. We have a line of about 40 different health and beauty products. We get the products from our labs, then apply the label for our clients and ship it directly to their customers. This allows our clients to leverage our products – they market and sell them under their own brands.

CL: You have 40 products that get rebranded with a variety of labels. Are we talking about hundreds of different kinds of labels or thousands? And how long have you worked with Columbine Label?

Gil: We have thousands of different types of labels. And we’ve been working with Columbine just over a year.

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CL: Gil, your company has been around for 14 years, yet your relationship with Columbine Label is relatively new. What took you to Columbine?

Gil: They actually found us. We had a relationship with a label printing company, and we were very happy with them. Columbine approached us, and we looked at their pricing and offerings. It all looked really good. We gave them a chance, and in a short amount of time, Columbine won 100% of our business.

CL: What drew you to Columbine Label?

Gil: We’ve been doing this for 14 years, so we’ve worked with high-end label printing companies. And we’ve printed stuff in-house. We’ve even worked with the quick-turn online websites. Columbine offered the best of all worlds. They were able to give us high-volume discounts (even when we do short runs), and they have amazing customer service. They didn’t nickel-and-dime us. They didn’t have complicated pricing structures. We told them about our business and volumes. We agreed on pricing, and they’ve been absolutely great to work with.

EyeFive – and their customers – appreciate the consistent quality and variety of label choices.

CL: Are you happy with the quality of the labels and color consistency? Do the colors pop? Do you have any die-cutting or special needs?

Gil: The majority of the labels we need are high-gloss, UV-coated labels. Every label we get from Columbine looks great. We’ve never had any issues with quality. A few of our clients prefer the high-end labels, like metallic, to give a certain look to their product line. So we can offer that to our clients.

CL: Thanks to Columbine’s capabilities and choices, your company can offer labels with more “pop” to your own clients who want that look.

Gil: Yes, absolutely. Recently, one of my clients expressed an interest in a label that would be unique – something unlike anyone else’s, something that will stand out from the competition. Columbine sent us a stack of labels with different finishing’s and textures. Soon, we’ll create a custom label for this client. He’s looking for a unique finish, like a texture, which is something we’ve never done. So, this is a new experience for us, and it will probably open up new options and variations we can offer our other clients.

A track record of delivery: “When I need something in a rush, Columbine makes it happen.”

CL: Gil, under the category of “nobody’s perfect,” have you experienced an issue that the two companies have had to work out together?

Gil: I agree with you, nobody’s perfect. But I honestly cannot think of a time where they made an error on our labels. Instead, we have made some mistakes on our end. In fact, last week, I ordered a label that was the wrong size. Something Columbine is able to do – that no other company was able to do without charging exorbitant rush fees – is when I need something in a rush, Columbine makes it happen. The general lead time for labels is about a week, which is faster than most other companies. When I’m in a bind, they’ve always come through and they always get the labels to us.

CL: Wow

Gil: And that makes a huge difference, because my goal is to satisfy our clients, who are direct-response marketing companies. When their volume triples overnight, I’ve got to have labels in stock. I can’t run out. Columbine gives us the flexibility to get our products out the door – sometimes overnight. And whenever I’ve needed it, they’ve been able to deliver. It’s awesome.

CL: You have to fulfill your clients’ orders in a timely manner. The service you get from Columbine Label directly impacts your company, impacts your clients, and impacts their end customers as well.

Gil: Absolutely. First and foremost, we want to satisfy the consumers’ needs. Some of these marketers will flip a switch, and they’ll triple or quadruple their orders overnight. We have to have the flexibility to keep up with that demand. Sometimes it means I’ve got labels sitting on my shelf for six months, then I’ll go through 5,000 labels in three days, and I need 20,000 more. In fact, for one of our first projects with Columbine, we had a big ramp-up with one of our products. Orders went from 3,000 to 50,000 in one week. Our clients increased their volume that quickly. EyeFive and Columbine both got a quick idea about working with each other, and it’s been great ever since.

CL: It tells me too, Gil, that there must be some efficient processes at play for both companies, so you have clear communication and no bungling on the orders.

Gil: Yes, even just last week I upgraded my process for sending orders to Columbine. I’m including more information up-front, so the process is a bit more streamlined and efficient.

For the consumer, a quality label conveys a quality product.

CL: Gil, with health and beauty products, is color matching and color consistency important for your labels?

Gil: Yes, in the health industry, people buy these products to improve their health and their lives. They want to receive a product that makes them feel good about it. So if the color is off or faded or the print isn’t clean, it immediately tells the consumer that this is not a quality product. So, the label is the first line of defense in the hands of a customer. The quality and the color are extremely important.

CL: Gil, is there anything else you’d like to add about your relationship with Columbine Label Company?

Gil: They quickly won us over, and we’re happy to have found such a great partner. Columbine Label continues to deliver in quality, pricing, and customer service. There’s not much else I could ask for. It’s refreshing to work with a company that delivers on its promises.

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