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Pressure-sensitive Labels

Pressure-sensitive labels have adhesive and adhere by “peel and stick”.  Can be applied by hand or machine.

We have customers who require a very specific color, so we can’t vary from it. If there is any color variance at all, we would make note of that and send it back to Columbine. But there just aren’t any color-matching issues! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen any color problems since I’ve been here. The colors are always spot-on. I would highly recommend Columbine Label to anyone looking for a label company.


Custom Food Labels

With thousands of variations of custom shapes, sizes and materials, we help you overcome labeling challenges. From cold temp application and freezer grade adhesives, to labels that lay flat and smooth on any container. Because you need a label that not only looks great, but serves the purpose of communicating the high quality of your brand.

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Custom Beverage Labels

High quality, pressure sensitive labels produced on rolls for hand or automatic application. Labels can be applied to glass, plastic and even cans. It’s the experience, knowledge, and understanding of the beverage industry, and the expertise to make recommendations on label sizes, shapes, and materials, sets us apart from our competition.

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Custom Beauty Product Labels

Beauty product labels communicate values of the product; youth, natural, vibrancy, beauty, elegance… they are made to withstand wet and humid environments and engineered to fit special flexible containers, squeeze tubes, curved or flat surfaces, and more. Unlike one and done items, your products usually hang around longer which requires the label to match a reasonably longer life cycle.

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Nutraceutical and Supplement Labels

Nutraceutical and Supplement product labels tell a story to get the attention of the buyer. Determination, strength, natural, fast results…These labels must have unique branding to help them stand out in comparison to the competition. Bright and flashy labels give the feeling of energy and excitement while tamed materials and colors give the impression of natural, peace and calmness.

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There are typically two kinds of labels:

  1. Prime Labels, also known as Product Identification Labels; which serve the purpose of marketing or selling your product.  These are considered “prime” labels because they cover the front, or prime real-estate, of your product.

  3. Secondary Labels, which serve the purpose of product information but not intentionally used to gain the buyers attention.

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