Custom Cosmetic Labels

Your cosmetics hold the promise of enhanced beauty – that promise begins with your cosmetic label

In the cosmetics industry, many brands vie for the consumers’ attention. To capture that attention, cosmetic containers are often uniquely shaped and designed to convey elegance.Columbine Label offers a wide range of label material ― from matte, to glossy, to clear and foil stamped. We also offer a range of label adhesives to ensure your cosmetic label stays firmly affixed to your uniquely shaped container.

Other important aspects of custom cosmetic labels

There is no room for error when it comes to die-cutting specially shaped cosmetic labels. Take the tiny labels on the bottom of a lipstick tube. It’s a very small space and the label must fit perfectly. Ours do.

Large or small run, our printing services will meet your specific needs!

Another consideration is color matching on the cosmetic label, since many products can’t be seen through the container. We take pride in spot-on color consistency. The rosy blush color on the label is a close representation of the rosy blush in the compact.

For cosmetic products that require tamper-evident packaging, you can achieve this with a special die-cut label that overlaps the cap or lid of the product and is perforated for easy removal.

We print custom cosmetic labels for large manufacturers, as well as boutique cosmetic companies and those offering homeopathic products. Whether you require large or small quantities of cosmetic labels, our printing options enable us to print the desired quantity at affordable rates. In fact, you can rely on our depth of expertise and 25-years’ experience for consistent color management, on-time delivery and “can do” customer service.

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