Keg Collars

Your keg collar must withstand wear-and-tear

Our specially designed keg collars include helpful information such as type of beer and production date. These circular labels must fit snugly and be printed on a thicker, more durable paper stock. The stock should be coated for durability, and must be easy to remove prior to washing and sanitizing the keg for reuse.

Utility aside, keg collars also represent your brand. The colors must be vivid and consistent from keg to keg. At Columbine Label, we pride ourselves on consistent color management, from print run to print run. Our quality, on-time delivery and excellent customer service have been our stock and trade for 25 years.

Large or small run, our printing services will meet your specific needs!

We can handle large or small print runs

Whether you are a regional craft brewer or distribute your beer nationally, we will print quality keg collars that withstand the wear-and-tear. We offer both short-run and long-run printing and can recommend the most economical option for you.

In fact, our customers – whether they are large manufacturers or small craft brewers – rely on our depth of expertise, on-time delivery, consistent color management, and “can do” customer service.

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