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Our custom CBD labels, will convey that you are selling a quality product.

Custom CBD Labels Printing Services in Denver CO

In the relatively new market of CBD products, companies have the chance to grab the attention of customers with informative and eye-catching CBD labels.

By 2020, the CBD market is projected to be a billion-dollar market as more and more consumers are learning of the therapeutic benefits of this now legal (in many states) natural product. With so many different forms of CBD now available to consumers (CBD oils, CBD sprays, CBD salves, and CBD edibles) one label is not sufficient for all of the marketing needs of CBD producers.

Columbine Label is here to work with you to create labels that will fit the unique packaging that CBD products need, while at the same time keeping your branding, design, and colors exactly to your brand and specifications. When producing a label with you, we take into account the specifics of your packaging to provide the needed product barriers, the unique shape of the container for the carrier you are using for your CBD products, and any special circumstances required for the purpose of packaging your product.

Because of the unique regulations and nature of the CBD market, your label should incorporate information, such as:

● CBD Level
● Producer Name
● Serving Size

To help your label stand out, we have a large variety of customer unique colors, label sizes, and material available for your label. We also offer the flexibility of doing a large run of labels for a mass production of your product or a small run for a new limited edition product you may want to test out the market.

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Columbine Label did an amazing job creating our CBD labels.  Not only did they look amazing, the quality conveys the quality of our products.  Everyone was great to work with and the delivery time was faster than our previous providers. We’ll be back.

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