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When it comes to custom food labels, a quality label implies a quality product.

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Persuade customers to choose your product

Food products rely heavily on shelf appeal and are often an impulse purchase. A faded or poorly applied label makes the consumer wonder if the quality of the product is also lacking. On the bright side, a quality label implies a fresh, quality product – and catches the consumer’s eye. Also, food labels must perform well during storage and shipping, so they look pristine on the grocery store shelf. (Read more on our blog: “Win the Zero Moment of Truth” and “Capture the First Moment of Truth.”)

Plus, we know that food products often have custom food label requirements. These include specialty containers, special adhesives for frozen foods, hot-filled foods, FDA compliance and combination runs. Columbine Label works with a large number of food manufacturers. We understand the special needs and requirements for your custom food labels. We can put our knowledge and expertise to work for you.

We understand the special needs and requirements for your custom food labels. We can put our knowledge and expertise to work for you.

The salsa market is highly competitive and regionally defined. There is Texas salsa and New Mexico salsa and, if the commercial is to be believed, salsa from New York City. The point being, you want the consumer to choose your salsa and come back for more when the jar is empty.

To help sell your product, the label color must be exact. It’s YOUR brand – we focus on consistent color matching to support – and enhance – your consistent brand image. Plus, it must be applied correctly and if your product is hot-filled, the correct adhesive must be used. We know all this and will make sure your salsa labels help sell your product. Contact us to discuss your food label needs.

Leveraging your label to sell your honey. There is no shortage of honey brands ― both national and regional. Often honey containers are squeezable and have a novelty shape. Then there’s the honey that inevitably drips down the bottle and covers the label. You clearly have special label requirements.

You need your label to stand out on the shelf, so the colors must be exact. If your packaging is flexible, you need an adhesive that will withstand the squeezing. And the ink on the label has to withstand frequent clean-up of the drips.

We’ve worked very successfully with a number of honey producers and understand your special needs. Contact us and let us help you bring your honey to market.

Barbecue sauce and hot sauce are highly subjective purchases. Open any refrigerator and you’ll likely see at least one bottle of barbecue sauce. The same is true for hot sauce. The only place you see a shelf full of either of these is at the grocery store. You want your barbecue sauce or hot sauce to wind up in the consumer’s fridge.

Of course your product is high quality, but consumers don’t know that until they buy it. To get them to buy it, the label has to speak for you. The color has to be consistent, the label has to be straight and stay on the bottle, and it has to withstand shipping and storage.

We understand the specific needs of custom food manufacturers like you. Your product should be the one that consumers reach for again and again. Let us help! Contact us and we can get started on your labels.


Columbine Label did a great job providing bright and beautiful labels for Vibrant Veggies. Thank you to the entire team who worked on these! We’ll be back.


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