Honey Labels

How sweet it is – to find the right honey label for your bottle

Is your honey bottle shaped like a bee, bear, hive – or other creative shape?

There are many different brands of honey and just as many types of honey bottles. In fact, a unique bottle helps set a brand apart. Your honey label should also help set your brand apart.

Novelty containers can pose a label challenge unless you work with a company like Columbine Label. We’ve printed honey labels for a wide range of manufacturers – and support a wide variety of creative bottle shapes.

We know your labels might require special adhesives to adhere to your unique container. If your packaging is flexible, you need an adhesive that will withstand all that squeezing. And the ink on the label must withstand frequent cleanup of the drips. That’s why we recommend a laminate on top of your paper or film label.

Large or small run, our printing services will meet your specific needs!

Your product – and your honey label – needs to stand out on the shelf

We invite you to send us a sample of your container and we’ll show you how to maximize the shape and size of your honey label for your bottle.

We also understand that your process may cause the plastic honey bottle to expand and contract. Some labels can wrinkle when this happens. Not ours. We use special adhesives that allow for this expansion and contraction.

Of course, another key consideration is printing spot-on colors on your honey label, with consistent color matching. We’ve mastered this and built our 25-year reputation on it. We’ve worked very successfully with a number of honey producers – both large and small – and understand your special needs.

Time and again, customers tell us they love our:

  • Consistent color management
  • On-time delivery
  • Depth of expertise
  • “Can do” customer service

Want to learn more? Explore our full range of capabilities and label types.

Ready to get started? Request a quote, receive free sample labels, and get a prototype of your label.

Columbine Label Company is a proud sponsor of the annual Scovie Awards - the official contest of the Fiery Foods & Barbeque Industry.

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