Tips for Custom Label Printing for Unique Containers

Columbine Label Company can take your very own custom design and artwork and create custom labels and stickers that work perfectly for your product.

We specialize in unique shaped packaging and will be certain to create a label that is as specific and unique as your product.

An attractive package, with a proper fitted custom label or sticker, creates a sense of security and trust, in a consumer. How often have you purchased a product, based solely on the packaging?

While a main goal is for a consumer to fall in love with your product, your first goal is to get them to notice your product and then purchase it; they will then be able to judge your product first hand. First impressions are extremely important. You want your product to stand out with a label or sticker created to fit.

If your packaging has a special shape (other than square or cylindrical) chances are you may need a special shape custom label or sticker so it will fit properly. Unique shaped packages are often eye catching, which is a good thing, but once you have caught your consumers’ eye, the label must be professionally sized and placed to keep their attention and to gain their trust. Allow Columbine Label to engineer a custom label with a custom fit for your product. A special shape label combined with the proper material will result in a beautiful custom labeled product.

Many containers require special shaped labels that are not rectangular, square or round.

For instance, typical deli containers have a wider mouth and taper off towards the bottom. The tapered design of a deli container will prevent a rectangular label from being applied straight.
Columbine Label can engineer a custom label to fit your tapered deli container or other unique shape perfectly. If your packaging is new, your safest bet is to provide Columbine Label with a container so we can engineer a label that fits your packaging.

You’ve spent an enormous amount of time developing your product, choosing its’ unique packaging, and creating the design for its label, it is now time to have your label or sticker professionally manufactured. A properly engineered label that fits great on your container and works well with your application process will save you time and money.

A label that does not properly adhere to and fit your container will not only be a nightmare in your production but will also send an unprofessional message to your consumer. A perfectly fit label will enhance the overall appearance of your product.